The Enduring Eye

The Enduring Eye



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The Antarctic legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton and Frank Hurley

This beautifully produced, unique edition is the first time some of the most moving and epic photographs from the Heroic Age of Polar exploration have been seen.

To mark the centenary of the Sir Ernest Shackleton’s historic expedition to Antarctica, the Royal Geographical Society has digitized its entire collection of original glass plate and celluloid negatives created by Frank Hurley, the official photographer and cinematographer of the expedition.

The latest contemporary technology has ‘unlocked’ much new visual content, expertly processed by Hurley at the time but now seen for the first time at the highest resolution possible.

Only 259 slides and negatives survived the incredible journey across the pack ice and wild Southern Ocean - more than 400 were lost when Endurance was crushed and destroyed in the Antarctic ice.

We have exclusive access and have selected more than 120 of the most important images. In many cases we have chosen to show the full plate and celluloid negatives, including the damage some sustained on the expedition.

It is as if we are witnessing one of the greatest feats of human endurance for the first time.