DIVE Winter 2016

DIVE Winter 2016


Why DIVE magazine is better than ever…

Bigger and better than ever, DIVE showcases the world’s best underwater photographs. Beautifully printed on high-quality paper, it’s the perfect read and a stunning collection of glorious images.

The amazing world of the thresher shark

World editor Douglas David Seifert has captured the best set of thresher shark photographs ever. Find out all about these elusive sharks with their wide eyes, sleek bodies and long tails – one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles.

All things weird and wonderful

California’s always been a combination of the bizarre and the wonderful, and it’s the same underwater as these amazing photographs by Michael Zeigler and Todd Winner reveal.

A world never meant to be seen

When you come across cave systems such as the Crystal Caves in the Bahamas, you can see why cave divers are so passionate about their sport. Elaborate crystal formations make the caves on Abaco Island a magnificent sight, as revealed by Brian Kakuk’s wonderful photos.  

An extraordinary story of evolution

Publisher Graeme Gourlay heads to Lake Malawi to bring together the incredible story of the cichlid – the most successful fish on the planet.

A fish that goes fishing?

Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Not only is it true, but certain species of frogfish even have their own inbuilt fishing tackle. See Scubazoo’s fascinating report and photographs.

Video stars

It’s never been easier to film underwater. Equipment expert Neil Hope checks out the best and latest kit needed to take your video to the next level.

Glorious print

This issue is printed on ultra glossy high-quality paper and weighs in at over half a kilo. You will never have seen a dive magazine like this!


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